2014.9.15 … Fuji Rock Festival 2014動画。
Be Strong Now ⁄ James Iha :http://youtu.be/cxt9dIq63b4
World in a Maze ⁄ Yukihiro Takahashi with In Phase :http://youtu.be/rU9QGPNJCS4
Something In The Air ⁄ Yukihiro Takahashi with In Phase :http://youtu.be/P2zvVgmA_b0
End of an Error ⁄ Yukihiro Takahashi with In Phase :http://youtu.be/GWPgxwYj-dk

2014.9.12 … スコット・ウェイランドの新アルバムにジェームス・イハが参加
Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has revealed that he is recording with former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha.
Weiland is currently recording his third (not counting 2011’s Christmas album Most Wonderful Time of the Year) studio album, his first with the current moniker ‚Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts”.
The record is expected to release in November this year, though it may be postponed to December⁄January.
News source:Alternative Natoin

ストーン・テンプル・パイロッツ(Stone Temple Pilots)やヴェルヴェット・リヴォルヴァー(Velvet Revolver)での活躍でも知られるスコット・ウェイランド(Scott Weiland)。
現在レコーディングしている新アルバムに元Smashing Pumpkinsのジェームス・イハ(James Iha)が参加している模様。スタジオで撮影された写真を自身のFacebookページで公開しています。
アルバムはScott Weiland & The Wildabouts名義でリリースされるようで、年内リリースを予定。
News source:amass.jp

2014.8.11 … WORLD HAPPINESS 2014.
高橋幸宏 with In Phase
01. Looking For Words
02. Last Summer
03. Follow You Down
04. Where Are You Heading To?
05. To Who Knows Where
06. Shadow ⁄ All That We Know
07. World In A Maze

高橋幸宏 & METAFIVE(小山田圭吾 × 砂原良徳 × TOWA TEI × ゴンドウトモヒコ × LEO今井)
02. Ballet
03. Split Spirit
04. Radio
05. Turn Turn
06. Still Walking To The Beat(佐藤征史)
07. Something In The Air(James Iha)
08. 中国女
09. CUE

News source:natalie

2014.8.5 … Fuji Rock Festival 2014レポート
News source:billboard-japan.com

2014.7.25 … Fuji Rock Festival 2014.
James Iha solo Setlist.
1.Make Believe
2.Summer Days
4.Speed of Love
5.Blew Away
6.Country Girl
8.To Who Knows Where
9.Till Next Tuesday
10.Be Strong Now
12.Salt of the Earth(地の塩)ローリング・ストーンズのカヴァー

Nathan Beale Ukulele,Guitar
堀江博久 Keyboard
Michael (Drum Machine)

News source:FUJIROCK EXPRESS 2014

2014.7.3 … Fuji Rock Festival 2014.
James Iha 13:20〜ORANGE COURT.

高橋幸宏 with In Phase 18:10〜 WHITE STAGE

2014.6.24 … 高橋幸宏 with In Phase DVD & Blu-ray収録曲変更.
01. Another Door
02. Looking For Words
03. Time To Go
04. Last Summer
05. That’s Alright (It Will Be Alright)
06. The Old Friends Cottage
07. Ghost Behind My Back
08. The Price To Pay
09. Blue Moon Blue
10. Where Are You Heading To?
11. To Who Knows Where
12. End Of An Error
13. Shadow
14. All That We Know
15. World In A Maze
16. Follow You Down
En.01. Something In The Air

2014.5.14 … 高橋幸宏 with In Phase DVD & Blu-ray.

2014年7月16日ライヴ映像作品『PHASE』は、「高橋幸宏 with In Phase Tour 2013」最終公演(2013⁄9⁄23 @ Bunkamuraオーチャードホール)の感動のステージを余すところなく収録した作品。

初回限定生産盤 TYXT-19004 7,776円(税込)

・ドラム&ヴォーカル:高橋幸宏、ギター:James Iha、ベース:高桑圭(Curly Giraffe)、キーボード:堀江博久、ユーフォニウム:ゴンドウトモヒコ、ギター:鈴木俊治

01. Another Door
02. Looking For Words
03. Time To Go
04. Last Summer
05. That’s Alright (It Will Be Alright)
06. The Old Friends Cottage
07. Ghost Behind My Back
08. The Price To Pay
09. Blue Moon Blue
10. Where Are You Heading To?
11. To Who Knows Where
12. End Of An Error
13. Shadow
14. All That We Know
15. World In A Maze
16. Follow You Down
17. Something In The Air
18. The April Fools

News source:Yukihiro Takahashi Official Information BLOG

「PHASE」発売を記念して「高橋幸宏 with In Phase」ライブツアー会場で販売され完売となっていたTシャツを、ライブ映像化記念で復刻販売!
In Phase Tシャツ
サイズ S⁄M⁄L⁄XL
価格 3,000円(税込)
News source:HINTS MARKET

2014.5.13 … Cinquanta: A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and Failure Live at the Greek Theatre.
The Nurse Who Loved Me
Saturday Savior
Dirty Blue Balloons

A Perfect Circle:
Weak and Powerless
The Noose

Vagina Mine
Polar Bear

Another Space Song

A Perfect Circle:
The Hollow
The Package

Conditions of My Parole
Man Overboard
The Undertaker

A Perfect Circle:
Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums
3 Libras
By and Down

Wet Gravity

New York, New York (w⁄ Neil Hamberger)
Cuntry Boner (w⁄“Hildy,“ Danny Carey)
3 Little Pigs (w⁄Green Jelly, Danny Carey)
Sober (w⁄Justin Chancellor⁄Danny Carey)
Humbling River
News source:mxdwn.com All photos by Marv Watson.

News source:Show Review: Cinquanta: A Special Evening with Puscifer, A Perfect Circle & Failure at the Greek Theatre LA, 5/10/2014 All photos Jonathan Pirro.
News source: A Cinquanta celebration for Maynard Keenan featuring Puscifer, A Perfect Circle and Failure Photography: Monique Hernandez.
News source: 'Cinquanta' a unique celebration at the Greek Photo by Natalie Escobedo.
News source: Cinquanta: Failure, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer Photo by Blaine Ohigashi, Staff Photographer.

2014.5.12 … WORLD HAPPINESS 2014.
8月10日(日)に東京・夢の島で開催される「WORLD HAPPINESS 2014」の第3弾出演アーティストが発表。
高橋幸宏 with In Phaseの参加が決定しました!

開場11:00 ⁄ 開演12:30(終演予定20:00)
細野晴臣 ⁄ 高橋幸宏 & METAFIVE(小山田圭吾×砂原良徳×TOWA TEI×ゴンドウトモヒコ×LEO今井) ⁄ No Lie-Sense(鈴木慶一&KERA) ⁄ 真心ブラザーズ ⁄ cero ⁄ 奇妙礼太郎 トラベルスイング楽団 ⁄ 電気グルーヴ ⁄ きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ ⁄ 赤い公園、ヒトリエ、くるり、高橋幸宏 with In Phase and more

料金 : ブロック指定 ¥8,800(税込)
小学生 ¥1,200(税込)
親子チケット(大人1名・子供1名) ¥9,500(税込)

備考 : 雨天決行・荒天中止
News source:WORLD HAPPINESS 2014オフィシャルサイト

2014.4.18 … Interview : James Iha of A Perfect Circle

Spinning ghost stories with a former Smashing Pumpkin
By Melissa Bobbitt

M.B.: Hey, James!

James Iha: Hey, how’s it going?

M.B.: It is an honor and a privilege to speak to you. I’m sure you get this on a daily basis, but your music kind of saved-

J.I.: Ah, no (both laugh).

M.B.: Let me kick off the festivities today by saying thank you for your music over the years. It’s really positively affected my life.

J.I.: Thank you. I’m flattered. Thank you.

M.B.: So, again, thanks for taking your time out to speak with me, and the reason why this was set up is because of your work with the new show “Deadbeat,” which looks awesome.
I’m a huge Tyler Labine fan, so I was happy to see that you were contributing to this.

J.I.: Oh, OK. He’s a funny guy (laughs).

M.B.: Yeah, exactly. So, you know, particularly the theme song sounds like a nice combo of a little bit of New Wave and ’60s mod. How did you come up with the theme song, and how were you approached by the show to write it?

J.I.: I live in L.A. now, and I’ve been looking to get into scoring TV and film. I took a meeting about this show, and it’s got a really great director and writers and cast.
So … I ended up scoring all the episodes. As far as the theme song, I took a shot at the theme song and they liked it.

M.B. Very cool. And ultimately, how long does scoring a television show with- how many episodes are within this season?

J.I.: There’s 10.

M.B.: Wow. So how long does that procedure take you?

J.I.: I mean, I think it varies from show to show. But, you know, basically an episode can be anywhere from seven to 10 days, as far as the music’s concerned. And they’re also … editing it at the same time, so there’s a lot of stuff that’s living around, as far as the content of what’s onscreen. So yeah, it’s fast paced (laughs).

M.B.: It sure sounds like it, considering it took 14 or 15 years … between your two albums you did on your own.
So how did that affect your songwriting process, given that you’ve been known to take very special care with your own songs?

J.I.: Yeah, yeah; it’s a problem I’m trying to get over. When I work on my own music, I just… I take forever and I examine everything little thing.
I’m too hard on myself. But generally, when I write with other people or I play in a band, or are doing stuff for ? I’ve done like three indie films and this TV show now - I definitely move faster because there really isn’t time. You can’t take your time.
It’s such a ticking clock. But yeah, as far as my own music, I’m working on trying to get faster. But yeah, it helps a lot, as far as trying to just make it happen.
And if an idea isn’t happening, just move on to the next idea because you don’t have time to overdo or overwork an idea.

M.B.: Right, and it makes for a larger amount of output, which is exciting for me and other fans. But going back to being in a band atmosphere, it’s really great to hear a Perfect Circle is going to be doing that huge birthday blowout for Maynard.
Can you give me a little bit of a preview of what you guys are doing for that performance?

J.I.: You know, honestly, I don’t really know. We’re gonna have rehearsals soon and I know all three bands [APC, Pucifer and Failure] are gonna be around.
So I know there’s going to be possible interplay between the bands. But I don’t really know what.

M.B.: Oh, that’s cool!

J.I.: It’s probably up to- I’m guessing that Maynard has some ideas about this, and we’ll find out soon.

M.B.: That sounds great. Is that one of the primary reasons that inspired you to move to Los Angeles?

J.I.: Yeah. I feel like I did New York. My beloved studio, which was in Manhattan, it closed down because the rent tripled, basically, in the area we were at.
It’s impossible to- it’s really hard to have a recording studio in this day and age, and it’s even harder in a place like Manhattan, when everything costs so much.
So it finally closed down and I kind of felt like it was time for a move. And yeah, you know, a Perfect Circle’s out here.
There’s a lot of different kinds of musicians and different kinds of work; film and TV is out here. So yeah, I think it was time.

M.B.: That’s cool. Are there any particular hot spots in Los Angeles that you’ve found to be enjoyable, whether it’s an eatery or a music venue or whatever strikes your fancy?

J.I.: You know, I haven’t really been here long enough to get it. I’ve been to L.A. a lot of times over the years, but I honestly don’t know it yet.
And just working on this TV show, I really haven’t had time to get out much (laughs). … One thing that was really big that I missed this winter in the East Coast, but I definitely made the move at the right time.
Not getting stuck in a blizzard. I don’t know how many blizzards there were in New York this year, but yeah. The weather’s great out here.

M.B.: Yeah, it was kind of ridiculous with all the polar vortexes. You definitely don’t have to worry about that anymore.

J.I.: Yeah. Yeah, right.

M.B.: (laughs) So I wanted to know in regards, as your music and your scoring develops, have you explored new kind of instruments, or are you still rocking the SG?

J.I.: I mean… when I play with a Perfect Circle, I play with a Les Paul; and when I’m in the studio like for “Deadbeat,” I use whatever’s around. Mainly I used a baritone guitar, which is kind of like in between a bass guitar and a guitar guitar.
So it has a cool sound. You would know the sound if you heard it: It’s the main instrument on the theme from “Twin Peaks.”
If you listen to that, it’s the main melodic instrument. That’s a really good one.
Scoring is a completely different feeling than rock music, obviously. So strings, piano, standup bass. Whatever works, really.

M.B.: Right, to get that eerie, ghostly sound.

J.I.: Yeah.

M.B.: I was going to ask you, have you ever had a supernatural experience?

J.I.: (laughs) I sort of semi-believe it, but I personally haven’t had one.
I’ve heard stories from people who I trust not being crazy, crazy people having supernatural experiences.
So it sort of makes me believe that it’s possible, but I personally haven’t had one.

M.B.: Oh, there’s still time. There are plenty of haunted places in L.A.

J.I.: Yeah! There’s still time. Definitely.

M.B.: Don’t count it out just yet. Getting back to the more of the rock side of what you do, you’re playing a solo show at the Fuji Festival.

J.I.: Fuji Rock.

M.B.: Can you kind of distinguish between what it’s like to perform live in a band and what it’s like to perform as a solo artist?

J.I.: It’s harder (laughs). You know, it’s harder being the singer and there’s more responsibility on you as a solo artist.
... I’m still learning how to do it, how to become a solo artist, because I’ve always just been a guitar player.
It’s a work in progress. Singing live, it’s exciting, but it’s also a lot more work than just playing guitar.
But yeah, it’s fun, and playing Fuji Rock, it’s like the Coachella of the Far East.
There’s a lot of huge bands on it, so it’s exciting to play it. It’s a completely different side of the musical brain when it comes to performing.

M.B.: Hmmm, on your own. I understand. That makes sense. In past solo shows of yours, I see you incorporated some of the work you did with the Smashing Pumpkins, like “Mayonaise.”
How do you decide what songs from that band do you integrate into your set?

J.I.: I just wanted to do one song from the Pumpkins as a nod to my past. I wrote the music for that song… I just thought I would do it (laughs).

M.B.: And I’m sure it made a lot of people very happy. I mean, that song in particular has really touched my heart over the years.
I was wondering, from a guitarist’s standpoint, how does one come up with such a weird tuning?
Cause that’s definitely not your standard tuning.

J.I.: Yeah, yeah. I started working on different tunings.
I don’t remember (laughs). Sometime in the ’90s. It’s just a different way of playing guitar. You don’t play the normal chords you’d usually play.
It’s challenging, but it’s also kind of exciting because the sound is just different. Basically how the song came about, I think it’s a standard alternate kind of tuning, but I came up with it and that was the first song I wrote in that tuning.

M.B.: Nice! Well, it’s definitely a happy accident because it’s got such an enduring legacy to it.

J.I.: Yeah, the music. I should say, I wrote the music for it; I didn’t write the lyrics or the vocal melodies. But yeah, it’s a good one (chuckles).

M.B: Yeah! And I think I would be remiss not to ask, but bands such as Hole, which you guys have worked with Courtney before, just announced their reformation. And it’s a couple years away from the Pumpkins’ inevitable entrance into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Is there any chance you guys might be able to perform together then, or have you talked over the last couple years over the reissues or anything of the sort?

J.I.: There’s been no talks. You know, never say never. But I honestly don’t know. I haven’t talked with Billy [Corgan] or anyone from that camp. But if it happens… I wasn’t really thinking about it until it happens.

M.B.: My last question is: Beyond working on the television show and beyond working with APC, when and if we can expect any more James Iha music, the solo stuff?

J.I.: I’m going to try to get it together.

M.B.: Yay!

J.I.: I know, I know.
It takes me… like I was saying, it takes me forever to do solo work. I would hope, for sure starting this year, I’m going to start recording some stuff.
I couldn’t give you a date when I would definitely have a record together.
So hopefully this year I’ll start on some stuff. Hopefully not too long after that.

M.B.: Sounds good! Well, I’m really looking forward to the “Deadbeat” show.
It looks like a good one, and very stoked for the APC show. I think that’s going to be a damn good one.

J.I.: Yeah, it’s a cool venue. Playing with APC’s always fun, and those guys are great.

News source:90s Rock

2014.4.11 … FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '14
「アイム・バーーーーーーーッック!夏にまた日本に戻ってきて、レジェンダリーなフジロックに、James Iha(ソロ)として、そして高橋幸宏さんの凄いクールなバンド、In Phaseのギターとして、出演するよ。
どうぞ、会場でお花を空中に投げて待っててね! 愛をこめてxo, James」
News source:facebook

2014.4.10 … FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '14
7月25〜27日新潟・湯沢町苗場スキー場で開催される野外ロックフェスティバル「FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '14」の第4弾アーティストが発表!
James iha、高橋幸宏 with In Phase [James Iha , 高桑圭(Curly Giraffe) , 堀江博久 , ゴンドウトモヒコ , 鈴木俊治]の出演が決定しました。
News source:natalie
News source:Yukihiro Takahashi Official Information BLOG

2014.3.26 … Happy Birthday!

ジェームス・イハ 動画配信サービスHuluの番組『Deadbeat』のテーマソングを担当。
News source:soundcloud.com
News source:amass.jp

Guitarist James Iha is branching out into Internet television. The ex-Smashing Pumpkins guitarist announced today he's scored the theme to Deadbeat, a supernatural comedy coming to Hulu.
The series is set to premiere on April 9 and stars Tyler Labine, best known for playing Sock on the criminally underrated CW series Reaper.
You can hear the bluesy, upbeat guitar piece below.

News source:SPIN
News source:hulu.com

2014.3.14 … Vaporize.

ジェームス・イハ × ケンゾーミナミのコラボTシャツ 1 "K.M. A" ¥7,350(税込)

ジェームス・イハ × ケンゾーミナミのコラボTシャツ 2 "K.M. B" ¥7,350(税込)
Vaporize 2014春夏シーズンモデル。
こちらはゆったりしたシームレスボディのTシャツをベースに、今季のテーマ「HEAVY METAL」からインスパイアされたアートワークプリントTシャツ。

News source:BEAMS Online Shop

2014.3.11 … Deadbeat.
James Iha writes score for Hulu original comedy series“Deadbeat”

2014.1.20 … Interview.

Q: It’s been a little while now since you released Look To The Sky, what have you been up to recently and what are your plans for this year?

James Iha: I’ve been working on writing, and co-writing. I have plans in the middle of the summer to play with A Perfect Circle. Basically that, yeah.

So you mentioned A Perfect Circle, I know you guys are doing the Maynard birthday show in May. Are you guys planning to tour this year also?

No plans yet.

Now going back to your solo tour in 2012, after playing for 20 years in big bands like the Smashing Pumpkins and A Perfect Circle,
did you have to relearn the grind of the road after being in those bands and was it also tough in addition to that having to worry about your voice?

I didn’t tour super hard on it like the way those bands used to tour, but it was definitely an adjustment being a frontperson and singing every night.
But it was good, I enjoyed touring. It was definitely a learning experience and fun being a singer and putting the band together. It’s a lot of work in a different kind of way, but I liked it.

When it came to your solo tour, a lot of people were surprised and happy to see you play “Mayonaise.” Are there any other old tracks that you’d consider playing from those days?
“Go” is one I’d like to see from MACHINA II, that’s my favorite song you wrote in the Smashing Pumpkins.

Cool. There’s no plans of touring right now, I just wanted to do a song from the Pumpkins, a song I had a hand in the writing in. As far as another song, I hadn’t really thought of it (laughs).
I thought of a couple songs when I was trying to figure out doing an old song, and I guess I just ended up on “Mayonaise,” probably being the most well known Pumpkins song that I had a hand in the writing in.

You could have always done like a minute of “Mayonaise,” and then gone into ["Bugg Superstar"].

I could have, but I don’t think that would quite translate. It’s funny.

But talking about “Mayonaise” and also your solo songs, “Mayonaise” is one of the songs where you collaborated with Billy Corgan and co-wrote it.
So when it comes to your writing process, does the riff or melody come first? How did you know with a song like “Mayonaise” that it’d be something that you’d bring to the band rather than just write yourself?

That was a really long time ago, I don’t remember exactly. The song has a special tuning, or at least the main rhythm guitar does.
I think I just came up with that tuning and came up with those chords and did a demo of it, it was an instrumental demo of the song.
I played it for Billy and he liked it, he came up with the vocal melody and the lyrics. We worked on the arrangement together.
[But] as far as how I write now, it’s different. It depends really, sometimes it can be chords which is what “Mayonaise” was, or it can be coming up with music on the fly in the studio.
It can be different instruments, it could be a keyboard, it could be a beat. It happens in all different ways.

Now talking about another major project of yours: A Perfect Circle. You haven’t really had a chance to really write with A Perfect Circle in an album setting.
Is that something you have ever discussed with Maynard or Billy? Have you ever talked to them about maybe writing a song with them, or maybe something even outside of A Perfect Circle?

The thing is with A Perfect Circle is [it's] Maynard and Billy [Howerdel]‘s band. It’s possible, but there aren’t too many A Perfect Circle albums out as you can tell, so I couldn’t really say.
It might happen, or it might not (laughs). But I always think of it as their band. If they want that kind of input from me I could definitely do it, I’d be happy to do it.
But, we’ll see (laughs). That’s actually more of a question for them.

I actually talked to Billy Howerdel a few months ago and he said he’s always writing. He’s been writing a bunch of songs in the last year or two.

Yeah, I know he’s always writing. I’m just saying as far as my input into A Perfect Circle, that’s probably a better question for those guys.

I’ll put in a good word for you (laughs).

(Laughs) Thanks.

But onto the other Billy, Billy Corgan. Billy’s been more positive towards you in the press recently, he actually said that he wishes you two had written more songs together back in the day.
He was looking back fondly on those days, which is quite different than when he called you [one of the] worst people he’s ever met a few years ago.
But what are your current thoughts on Billy, and have you had any communication with him regarding the Smashing Pumpkins reissues and the inclusion of some of your tracks?

Every couple of years people will ask me stuff about the Pumpkins, honestly I don’t really want to bring out the negative. I’d just like to highlight the positive things with the band, the good things that happened with him.
All of the private stuff is private, to me it is. I don’t really feel the need to talk about that stuff in the press. I don’t know what good it does, honestly. That’s all I can say about relations and stuff.
I just want to keep people’s memories about the good things in the band when I was in the band. As far as the reissues, I haven’t had much input on it.
I was sent some bonus tracks that I wrote just to check out, to see if they were okay for my approval, but that’s about it.

Now when it comes to writing songs, talking about the Pumpkins and now, you wrote a lot of songs back then, some of them ended up on The Aeroplane Flies High box set.
How would you compare writing songs now compared to back then? Do you think the scrutiny of being in that band helped push you as a songwriter, or did it shake your confidence a bit?
You did the solo record when you were with the Pumpkins, how would you compare writing to then?

If you’re in a band and you have a place to put out songs, yeah sure you want to do stuff. I think everybody’s creative and wants to do something, but what’s different today?
I don’t know, you’re older (laughs) and in a totally different place in your life with different people different work, it’s just different I couldn’t really point out specifics of it that are really obvious.

Now we’ve seen you as the guitarist of The Smashing Pumpkins and A Perfect Circle, as well as a frontman as a solo artist.
Would you be interested in ever having a band where you would be the guitarist writing most of the music with a different singer? We haven’t really seen too much of that process with you before.
You did Tinted Windows but that was very short lived. Would you ever want to pursue that full time in the future and is there anybody you’d want to work with?

(Laughs) It’s possible, I hadn’t really thought of it. There’s nothing in the works right now, but it’s possible.

Who would be the Plant to your Page?

I don’t know, there’s a lot of talented people out there (laughs). I don’t know, you fill in the blanks.

Speaking of talented people out there today, a lot of people kind of lament the state of the rock scene right now. Are there any bands out there that have impressed you,
and do you think it’s possible for new rock bands to come out and shake things up today like what happened 20 years ago?

Of course every era is different, but yeah sure I think there’s still room for a huge rock band to come in and change things up. There have been bands that do that,
there’s a cycle of bands that keep coming in every now and then and totally changing the vibe of everything. That hasn’t changed at all.
There are some things I like out there, (pauses) I’m trying to think of an alterna band that I like. There is something but I can’t think of it (laughs).

That’s not a good sign for rock music.

Yeah I mean there’s not like any heavy bands playing right now, other than somebody like Queens of the Stone Age who are awesome.
(Pauses) I’m trying to think of a KROQ kind of band, honestly I like Lorde (laughs), she’s not really rock but she’s awesome and has a cool thing going.

I’ll take somebody like her over Fun. She has an overplayed song but she’s got talent, but sometimes that one song getting overplayed has a backlash.

There’s a reason that song exploded, and it wasn’t because of marketing. It wasn’t because of her age or whatever. The lyrics are awesome, her singing is awesome, and the track is totally cool.
It doesn’t really sound like anything else right now, so there’s a lot of reasons to like her as an artist.
I get the feeling that she just wrote all of that stuff in a vacuum, there was no big record company or other huge artist talking her up, it just sort of happened organically.

I remember Courtney Love saying that you did some production work with her in the last year or so. How was it working with her?

She did stuff at our studio before, we were supposed to work on something but it didn’t happen (laughs).

So she said it happened and it didn’t happen? (Laughs)

It’s not to say it won’t happen, everybody’s busy. I know her manager, and we were talking about doing something and it didn’t quite happen, not to say that it won’t.

Now I asked about Billy earlier, but something a lot of people don’t really ask you about is Jimmy, D’arcy, and Melissa. Do you keep in touch with them?

(Laughs) I talk to Melissa once in awhile, I talk to D’arcy once in awhile. I haven’t seen Jimmy in a long time.

You’ve worked with a lot of great producers like Butch Vig, Flood, and Alan Moulder.
What producer would you say has pushed you the most, and what have you learned from them over the years especially getting into production work yourself in the last decade?

All three of those people are really talented producers, they know how to make great records. They know how to get the best out of the band, help the band, and become the 5th band member.
They can all see the big picture, every one of those three people that you mention do all of that.

Now kind of a cliche question, but it should be coming up in the next year or two. This year Nirvana are getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame so of course that means the GenX bands will start getting in.
When the Pumpkins get in, I’m sure they will you guys are a legendary band, how do you think that’ll go?
Would you want to show up and go on stage with the other members, or is that something you don’t even want to think about?

I haven’t thought of it honestly, we’ll see what happens, we’ll see if the band gets in.

But would you want to show up to that if you guys get in?

It wouldn’t be something I would talk about in an interview.

We talked earlier about your solo stuff and you said you don’t have any touring plans coming up, so when do you think the next James Iha solo record will come out?
Will it take another 10-15 years, or maybe in the next few years?

I don’t think it’ll take 10-15 years. Hopefully in the next couple of years, I’m working on a lot of different things right now.
Hopefully within the next couple of years, that would be my best guess.

News source:Alternative Nation

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Puscifer with A Perfect Circle.
08:00 PM Sunday 11 May 2014 Greek Theatre,Los Angeles, CA, US.

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