2018.8.25 … Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha Has Hilarious Confusion About Where Grunge Was Created.
Smashing Pumpkins members Billy Corgan and James Iha had a humorous discussion about their performance in Seattle in a new Live Nation Twitter video. For a moment, Iha seemed to think that Grunge may have originated in Columbus, Ohio.

Billy Corgan: James, what are you doing tonight?
James Iha: Uhhhh
Billy: Do you know where we are? It’s the home of Grunge!
James: Columbus?
Billy: No, Seattle. We’re in Seattle. It’s August 24, we’re going to be live on Twitter tonight.
James: Oh. Sorry, we’re shooting this in Columbus.
Billy: No James, you’re in Seattle!
James: I’m in Seattle. I really like it here. I like coffee, and used books, and rain.
Watch the humorous video below, followed by other Live Nation Smashing Pumpkins videos, including the band discussing covering the Led Zeppelin classic “Stairway to Heaven,” Jimmy Chamberlin’s drum solo during “Solara,” and much more.
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2018.8.17 … Watch Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha Nearly Make Billy Corgan Cry

Smashing Pumpkins members Billy Corgan and James Iha recently discussed their reconciliation on 101 WKQX, and Corgan said he was getting teary thinking about their relationship and history.
Iha said, “I reached out to Billy and we had a nice dinner, and just started from that, more just about becoming friends again, and just talking.”

Corgan later added about regrets over past issues with his bandmates.
“You just realize that whatever was the issue just is not an issue anymore.”

“I think if we could do it all over again, I think we would have done it different, but having turned out the way it has turned out, Jimmy has left and come back different times, and obviously James not being in the band all those years, I think now that we are together again, the band is stronger than ever.
Because the things that we learned without each other were really valuable, and has a lot to do with where we are at right now.
But I think we have such a greater and deeper appreciation for one another, and our friendship, and our love as a family as Smashing Pumpkins. I get teary thinking about it, because it’s such a crazy journey.

He also said, “When I stand across from James, and look at Jimmy, I see us in dingy rehearsal spaces when nobody cared about us.
I see us dragging out equipment through snow, I see hipsters making fun of us in 1989 saying, ‘What are you even trying to do?’ When you have that bond and that connection, that never goes away. That’s really what binds us.”

“30 years and counting, it just blows my mind.”



News source:alternativenation.net

2018.8.1 … Smashing Pumpkins Crushed It At The Garden.
I was really looking forward to seeing the Smashing Pumpkins after they announced they were reuniting (minus D'Arcy), thinking, oh this is gonna be something special.
Then a few days before the show I thought perhaps I had set myself up for disappointment, setting the bar too high.
But 2 notes in, I realized there would be no disappointment, and the Smashing Pumpkins as I had hoped, exceeded my expectations. Ask anyone who was there, this was a mind melting rock show.

True there is still bad blood with some of the members. It took James Iha a long time and likely some serious convincing to get on board to record and tour again with Billy...but the convincing seemed to end there.
Billy had already been in touch and playing here and there with drummer Jimmy Chamberlain so that wasn't the greatest shock, but then there is the D'Arcy factor.
No mended fences there.
Instead, on bass for this "Shiny and oh so Bright" reunion tour has been the son of Peter Hook (Joy Division and New Order), Jack Bates.
Aside from the smelly drunk dude next to me in the coveted 3rd row, who was hanging on me calling me "BUDDY!" all night, I have not a negative thing to say.
The band was tight, Billy's vocals were soaring and his larger than life presence contrasted in the best possible way to the humble, cheerful quiet of his guitar partner-in-crime James Iha.
The sound and the visuals were everything.
Billy himself said very little except for a from the heart comparison of Boston to his home town of Chicago (truth) and a little back 'n forth with James, joking about how he's part Irish (he had Billy going on that one lol)
There were 2 strange but oddly interesting and twisted videos of Mark McGrath dressed in a Vaudeville showman's get up on a 5 story video screen speaking some ranting gibberish (a script clearly written by Billy) designed to eventually introduce the next song and likely to give the band a break and a set change. Here are some more highlights:
Starting with "Disarm" and a Billy Corgan electric solo, was a stunning way to be reminded of the band's depth, passion and talent.
4 songs later... the music swelled into a stunning and moody version of Bowie's "Space Oddity" complete with a hooded Corgan in front of a Mars-like video backdrop.

it was beyond cool to hear the goose-bump producing song "Mayonnaise" live, and it's seamless segue into "Porcelina" had even the toughest rock dudes hold onto their hearts.
Then for the meat of the order:
Billy doing his signature acoustic and moving "Landslide" into "Tonight, Tonight" only to be outdone by a moving cover of "Stairway to Heaven" after which James said something tot he effect of, "Wow, thank you, if you had told me a year ago that I'd be playing Stairway at the Boston Garden I wouldn't have believed you"
Next was Cherub Rock, 1979, Ava Adore, Try Try Try and soon after Today, Bullet With Butterfly Wings and finally Muzzle.
Encore was their new song "Solara" (which is really quite under rated) and a finale of "Baby Mine" (a Betty Noyes cover which you can hear and weep over on Disney's Dumbo Soundtrack) Why they ended with this I can only surmise is to leave us with a message to be kind and cherish each other.
Thank you for rocking us, for stirring emotions we may have forgotten we had. Smashing Pumpkins are still as relevant and as loud, powerful and talented as ever before.

News source:ALT92.9Boston

2018.7.24 … James Iha Kicks Mic After Jimmy Chamberlin Screws Up Smashing Pumpkins Song.
The Smashing Pumpkins recently performed in Nashville for a very well received show, and there was a lighthearted moment when drummer Jimmy Chamberlin missed his cue to come back in on “Bullet With Butterfly Wings.” After the missed cue, Corgan said, “Hold it Jimmy.”
Chamberlin said, “I didn’t know we were playing that part.” Corgan responded, “These people, they want perfection.”
Corgan then laughed, and James Iha sarcastically kicked his mic stand to the ground as the band kicked back into the song.
Watch video and a GIF below of the rock and roll moment.
A Daily Herald review of the show stated, “My dad was the same way when he introduced me to bands like KISS, AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. They were bands from his teenage years just a few decades prior, taking me to some of my first shows to see them.
I don’t have any kids, but I kind of like the idea of one day taking the little guy or girl to see Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins or any other band from ‘back in my day,’ and give them that same right of passage my parents did for me, and so many others have done over the generations.”

News source:alternativenation.net
2018.7.21 … Setlist.
The Smashing Pumpkins (Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour) @ Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore, MD, on Friday, July 27, 2018

Opening Theme:
Disarm (#BillyCorgan only)
Space Oddity (#DavidBowie cover)

Zero Speech Interlude:
The Everlasting Gaze
Stand Inside Your Love

Mark McGrath Vaudeville Interlude #1:
Blew Away
For Martha
To Sheila
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
Landslide (#FleetwoodMac cover)
Tonight, Tonight
Stairway to Heaven (#LedZeppelin cover)
Cherub Rock

Mark McGrath Vaudeville Interlude #2:
Ava Adore
Try, Try, Try
The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning
Bullet With Butterfly Wings

Baby Mine (Betty Noyes cover)

News&Image source:flickr
2018.7.12 … The Smashing Pumpkins Perform At Gila River Arena

Image source:zimbio.com
2018.6.26 … Smashing Pumpkins’ Jeff Schroeder Reveals If James Iha Is His ‘Enemy’
James Iha is back in The Smashing Pumpkins, but his replacement Jeff Schroeder remains. Schroeder was asked in a new Guitar World interview about the unique situation, and said he does not consider Iha his ‘enemy.’ The Smashing Pumpkins are set to perform in Los Angeles on Wednesday.
The show is rumored to take place at The Roxy, or a similar Hollywood area club.
“The whole thing is rather funny to me,” he says. “People seem to think that James and I should be enemies-you know, like, ‘He’s taking your job.’ But we’re totally cool, and there’s been no weirdness at all. In the short time that we’ve been together, it’s been extremely pleasant. And musically, it sounds great-we’re not fighting for space or anything like that. This is going to be amazing.”

Guitar World asked Schroeder, “I have to ask, Jeff, were you ever concerned for a brief moment that the return of James might endanger your position in the band?”
Schroeder responded, “No, not at all. Billy was extremely transparent about things from the beginning, and he always said I would be part of it. There was never a time in which I wasn’t. I knew that the whole time.”
Billy Corgan said, “Look, Jeff has put 12 years into the band, and that’s a very serious commitment. He’s dedicated his life to the band, and I feel he’s earned this. Not only is he a great musician, but he’s also very responsible for a lot that goes on behind the scenes. I really didn’t see any way this could work without him.”
James Iha added, “Jeff’s a nice guy, and he’s a great musician. I don’t have any kind of drama with him at all. After practice, I was like, ‘Do you want to play that, or do you want me to play that? I don’t really care which of us plays what.’ It’s very ego-less between us. He’s a nice guy.”
News source:alternativenation.net
2018.6.14 … Smashing Pumpkins discuss D’arcy, Billy Corgan’s naked shapeshifter sighting on Howard Stern.
Ahead of their “Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour”, the (mostly) reunited Smashing Pumpkins have been making the rounds.
They appeared on Fallon Monday night to perform their new single “Solara” and the seminal “Zero”, and on Tuesday they stopped by The Howard Stern Show to chat about coming back together.
When Howard Stern asked how reuniting with guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin felt, frontman Billy Corgan said bluntly, “It’s really awesome.”
He recalled working alongside his bandmates in the studio with Rick Rubin and feeling like it was the good ol’ days.
“I looked across the room at James… it was like looking through a tunnel back through all those years and I just was like, ‘I can’t believe we’re back in the same room and we’re making music. This is so cool,’” Corgan said.

“I always said we never really disagreed about music,” Chamberlin chimed in.
“There was cultural differences and differences of opinion, but as far as the music goes we’ve always had common ground… If you spend that much time with somebody there’s gonna be bumps in the road. but as far as the music went, we always had a commonality, a common vision, which really was kind of the saving grace of all of our careers.”
Where common ground couldn’t be found, however, was with former bassist D’arcy Wretzky.
The drama between her and Corgan is well documented at this point, but Corgan resigned to provide the “simple version” of the story once again. He spent two years trying to rebuild a relationship with Wretzky, and things seemed to be going well.
He had hopes that music was possible again, but as he recounted, “Every time I talked to her on the phone she was absolutely lovely, she was sweet, she said things she’d never said to me, she complimented me… So I’m dealing with somebody who seems to me to be like the grown up version that we are now, so I was thinking, ‘Ok, this is possible.’
But every time I would address logical concerns like, ‘Well you haven’t been on stage in 19 years.
You haven’t been in public in 19 years, are you going to be okay with that?’, she would just kind of brush it off.”
He tried to get in a room with her to talk things through, but apparently couldn’t get Wretzky to commit.
The band attempted to forge ahead, sending along business details, but she flatly refused the terms.
“She just didn’t like the way it was set up. I’m not here to talk about that, per se, but it wasn’t unfair,” Corgan said. “It wasn’t ridiculous.
Every time I tried to explain the constructs or things involved, she just didn’t want to hear it.”
What’s more, because Corgan hadn’t been able to actually meet with Wretzky, he said he wasn’t sure if she’d be able to handle the challenges of performing Smashing Pumpkins’ music. “I know this sounds strange,” Corgan said, “but I didn’t want to put her in a position where she would look bad or fail. So it was coming from a place of I want to make sure she’s protected in this situation.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Stern brought up the last time Corgan had visited his show. During that October discussion, the singer revealed a wild story in which he claimed to have encountered a shapeshifter.
Stern tried to goad more out of him this time, and though he was cagey on the details, he strongly implied that the shapeshifter was actually a woman with whom he was having sexual relations.
And he said it happened twice. “I will say, since we’re on radio, that the story is even more fantastical than you think,” Corgan teased. “The person was naked.”
He kept saying “the person,” but Stern made a few assumptions to which Corgan pled the fifth.
“Maybe I had a hallucination, but I saw what I saw,” Billy maintained.
The Pumpkins also played two songs during the show, “Solara” and the classic “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”. SiriusXM subscribers can hear the whole thing via their subscription, while the rest of us can check out some snippets from the interview below.
News source:COS

2018.3.16 … A Perfect Circle React To Rumors That James Iha Quit For Smashing Pumpkins.
Smashing Pumpkinsは、Jamesが参加するサマーツアーを発表しました。
Jamesがそのツアーのために忙しいので、A Perfect Circleに参加することはできません。
今後のツアー日程では一時的に、私たちの長年の友人と私たちの好きなギタープレイヤーGreg Edwards (Failure/Autolux)が参加します。
我々は一時的な状況であり、JamesはA Perfect Circleの一部として残っていることを繰り返し述べたい。

A Perfect Circle have announced the following:

As you most likely have heard, James Iha’s original band, the Smashing Pumpkins, have announced a Summer tour that James will be taking part in.
Because James will be busy gearing up for that tour he won’t be able to join us for our upcoming tour dates.
James’ temporary replacement will be none other than our longtime friend and one of our favorite guitar players, Greg Edwards (Failure/Autolux). We want to reiterate that this is a temporary situation and James remains a part of A Perfect Circle.

Guitar World have up a new article on A Perfect Circle that reveals that James Iha will not be touring with A Perfect Circle in April due to his commitments to The Smashing Pumpkins.

With the help of guitarist James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins), bassist Matt McJunkins and Puscifer drummer Jeff Friedl, Howerdel and Keenan finished Eat the Elephant in early 2018 and scheduled a tour.
Then, in typical A Perfect Circle fashion, Smashing Pumpkins announced their reunion, which prevented Iha who remains a member of APC from touring with the band until June. In the interim, longtime friend of the band Greg Edwards (Failure, Autolux) will perform on the dates, which begin April 14 in Tucson, Arizona.

Remaining fluid through such transitions has kept Howerdel grounded.
A Perfect Circle will always be his primary gig, but he realizes everyone else in the band has different priorities.
So when he writes these days, he keeps his options open for using the music in Ashes Divide, a film score or APC.

“When APC will reconvene is never exactly defined,” Howerdel admits.
“That frustrating, for sure, but maybe that contributes a little bit to the magic that can happen when we do get together that feeling of not being predictable, not punching a clock.
There’s an artistic value to it. But I’d still prefer to tour, make a record, take a little break, then tour and make another record.”

News source:Alternativenation

2018.3.30 … A Perfect Circle新譜についてビリー・ハワデルのインタビュー。
News source:Guitarworld
News source:Ultimate Guitar

2018.3.11 … スマッシング・パンプキンズ EP2部作をリリース。

Marchin' On
Seek and You Shall Destroy
With Sympathy
Knights of Malta
Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)
という8曲。バンドはこれら新曲をリック・ルービン(Rick Rubin)をプロデューサーに迎えて制作しています。

News source:amass.jp
News source:avclub.com

2018.3.4 … スマッシング・パンプキンズが新たな映像を公開 ユニオン・ツアーのための写真撮影の舞台裏。

Smashing Pumpkinsが新たな映像を公開。
クラシック・ラインナップの3人が再集結するリユニオン・ツアーShiny And Oh So Brightのために行われた写真撮影の舞台裏をフィーチャーした映像です

News source:amass.jp
News source:alternativenation.net

2018.3.3 … 修正しました。

2018.2.28 … スマッシング・パンプキンズ 現ラインナップ判明。

Smashing Pumpkinは2月3日にロサンゼルスで新しい写真撮影を行った。
News source:amass.jp
News source:AlternativeNation.net

2018.2.21 … スマッシング・パンプキンズ、リユニオン・アルバムに収録される新曲名を発表。

リック・ルービン(Rick Rubin)をプロデューサーに迎えて制作しているリユニオン・アルバムに収録される予定の新曲8曲の曲名を、ビリーが自身のInstagramで明らかにしています。

・Silvery Sometimes
・With Sympathy
・Marchin' On
・Knights of Malta
・Seek and You Shall Destroy
News source:amass.jp

2018.2.18 … 「Siamese Dream」のジャケット写真に登場する女の子2人が25年ぶりに再会。

1993年にリリースしたアルバム『Siamese Dream』。

投稿されたビリー・コーガン(Billy Corgan)のコメントやwikipediaによれば、2人の名前はAli Laenger(右側の女の子)とLySandra Roberts(左側の女の子)。

スマッシング・パンプキンズは先日、ビリー・コーガン、ジェームス・イハ(James Iha)、ジミー・チェンバレン(Jimmy Chamberlin)というクラシック・ラインナップの3人が再集結するリユニオン・ツアーの開催を発表しており、


News source:amass.jp

Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Hits Back At D’arcy Reunion Backlash.
News source:Alternativenation

2018.2.16 … スマッシング・パンプキンズ、リユニオン・ツアーの開催が正式決定。

スマッシング・パンプキンズ(Smashing Pumpkins)のクラシック・ラインナップ、ビリー・コーガン(Billy Corgan)、ジェームス・イハ(James Iha)、ジミー・チェンバレン(Jimmy Chamberlin)が再集結するリユニオン・ツアー Shiny And Oh So Brightの開催が正式決定。
今回のリユニオンには、元メンバーのベーシスト、ダーシー・レッキー(D'arcy Wretzky)は不参加で、2007年よりバンドに在籍しているジェフ・シュローダーが参加します。


Gish (1991)
Siamese Dream (1993)
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (1995)
Adore (1998)
Machina/The Machines of God (2000)


News source:amass.jp

2018.2.15 … The Smashing Pumpkins 夏のツアー・スケジュール。

July 12 Glendale, AZ Gila River Arena
July 14 Oklahoma City, OK Chesapeake Energy Arena
July 16 Austin, TX Frank Erwin Center
July 17 Houston, TX Toyota Center
July 18 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
July 20 Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena
July 21 Louisville, KY KFC Yum! Center
July 22 Atlanta, GA Infinite Energy Aerna
July 24 Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
July 25 Tampa, FL Amalie Arena
July 27 Baltimore, MD Royal Farms Arena
July 28 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
July 29 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena
July 31 Boston, MA TD Garden
August 1 New York City, NY Madison Square Garden
August 4 Pittsburgh, PA PPG Paints Arena
August 5 Detroit, MI Little Caesars Arena
August 7 Montreal, QC Centre Bell
August 8 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
August 11 Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center
August 13 Chicago, IL United Center
August 16 Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
August 17 Indianapolis, IN Bankers Life Fieldhouse
August 19 St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center August 20 Omaha, NE CenturyLink Center
August 21 Sioux Falls, SD Denny Sanford Premier Center
August 24 Seattle, WA Key Arena
August 25 Portland, OR Moda Center
August 27 Oakland, CA Oracle Arena August 28 Sacramento, CA Golden 1 Center
August 30 Los Angeles, CA The Forum
September 1 San Diego, CA Viejas Arena
September 2 Las Vegas, NV T-Mobile Arena
September 4 Salt Lake City, UT Vivint Smart Home Arena
September 5 Denver, CO Pepsi Center
September 7 Boise, ID Ford Idaho Center

News source:RIOT FEST

2018.2,11 … スマッシング・パンプキンズが新たな写真を公開、『Siamese Dream』カヴァーの少女達の現在を撮影した写真?。

Smashing Pumpkinsの公式Instagramにアップされた写真が。アルバム『Siamese Dream』(1993年)のジャケットを飾った女の子2人の現在を撮影した写真なのではと話題に。

News source:amass.jp

Smashing Pumpkinsの公式サイトが更新され、カウントダウンがスタート。

ビリー・コーガン(Billy Corgan / William Patrick Corgan)、ジェームス・イハ(James Iha)、ジミー・チェンバレン(Jimmy Chamberlin)は現在、リック・ルービンと共にスタジオ入りしていると言われています。
バンドが予定している今回のリユニオンには、元メンバーのベーシスト、ダーシー・レッキー(D'arcy Wretzky)は不参加。

News source:amass.jp

2018.2.06 … A Perfect Circle New Album.

Eat the Elephant Track Listing:
01. Eat The Elephant
02. Disillusioned
03. The Contrarian
04. The Doomed
05. So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
06. TalkTalk
07. By And Down The River
08. Delicious
09. DLB
10. Hourglass
11. Feathers
12. Get The Lead Out

News source:guitarworld

2018.2.05 … Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Lineup 'Revealed' in New Photo.

The reunion lineup of Smashing Pumpkins has apparently been revealed in a picture taken during an official photo shoot that shows Billy Corgan along with James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin and Jeff Schroeder.

The group is supposedly working on a new album that could be released this year the band’s 30th anniversary.

Corgan, who first teased the project in January, hasn’t directly confirmed that they’re working on a Smashing Pumpkins record, but he did reveal that he was working with producer Rick Rubin on something.
A recent picture showed him in the studio with Iha and Chamberlin, but it’s not clear if they’re working together.

Former Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wrestky commented that she definitely wasn’t taking part in the work in project and that her old band was now working with another musician.
Some fans theorized that Schroeder, who’d previously played guitar for Corgan, could be their new bass player in the studio and that someone else might be chosen to take part in a tour, if one surfaces.

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Corgan offered an update. “Ok, I misspoke,” he wrote.
“Today wasn’t the last day in studio.
More work ahead (lyrics, vocals, strings). Which I guess means something like 26 songs currently in various states of completion, production, insanity.”

Corgan noted he was “very pleased to be this engaged with making new music at this point in my life.”
“I started playing the guitar April 1, 1981,” he added, “so almost 37 years later the colors remain vivid in my mind,
there are still fresh (and dare I say provocative) subjects to address, and the guitar feels once again like the preferred weapon of choice.”
He released a solo album, Ogilala, last year that was more focused on piano and strings. That record was also produced with Rubin.

News source:949The ROCK104.5

2018.1.23 … ダーシー、The Smashing Pumpkinsの再結成に参加しないことを明かす。








2018.1.17 … ビリー・コーガン、ジェームス・イハ、ジミー・チェンバレンがレコーディング・スタジオに集結。


News source:amass/jp

2018.1.1 … A Happy New Year!

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